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Solution for lack of USB extension cable power supply

USB extension cable power supply solution, USB extension cable may cause excessive power shortage, the lack of power supply of mobile hard disk can not be read normally, or even normal identification, Dongguan Chilian electronic tips when buying should pay attention to the problem.

First, when buying a line, pay attention to buying a mark instead of a non-standard

Second, to determine their own required wire:

(1) Use a low-speed, medium-speed USB flash drive, USB1.1, printer, camera, within a short distance of 1 meter, the recommended line is 0.5 square mm

(2) The use of high-speed USB flash drives, mobile hard drives, camcorders, TV boxes and other equipment, within a short distance of 3 meters, the recommended line 0.75 square mm

(3) Use high-speed USB, mobile hard disk, USB2.0, printers, scanners and other equipment, long-distance (3 meters -10 meters), recommended positive standard 1 square line

(4) For the third point, if the distance exceeds 10 meters, it is recommended to make several wire connections! That is to say, multiple extension cords are used in combination; for example: if you use 12 meters, you can do 4 3 meters, or 3 5 meters The extension cords are combined into 12 meters.

Third, the number and location of the magnetic ring:

According to the linearity, density, and hardware characteristics, I used two magnetic rings at 2.5 meters. Generally speaking, 4-6 magnetic rings are needed for 3-7 meters, 10 magnetic rings are needed for 10 meters, and 12 meters are still referenced. Root extension line combination!

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