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The introduction of electronic cable classification and brand knowledge

Classification of electronic connectors

The electronic cable can be divided into USB interface type, HDMI interface type, VGA interface type, and DVI interface type according to the interface type.

Electronic cable brand knowledge

1. Original factory: Direct production by mobile phone manufacturers, or the provision of materials to commission a manufacturer to produce a mobile phone brand with good quality and high price.

2, domestic brands: data lines have their own brand, in addition to the manufacturer's address and phone printed on the packaging, more formal, good quality, low price, such as Ling Kai data line. There are not many such data lines. Domestic data lines are generally unlicensed.

3, no license: no identification of manufacturers and brands. This type of data line is divided into two categories, one is the professional export data line, do not need to paste Chinese brand, this line quality is very pass, the price is still lower than the domestic brand line, cost-effective; then is the miscellaneous brand line, the price is very Low, poor quality, we must take care to buy, please choose to buy more reputable vendors.

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