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How to buy high-quality power cord?

First, look at the quality certificate of home appliances

If the quality of household appliances is qualified, then the quality of the power cords of household appliances should also be tested and there will not be much problem.

Second, check the cross section of the wire

The cross section of the wire should have a metallic luster on the surface of the copper core or aluminum core of the qualified product, and blackened copper or whitish aluminum indicates that it has been oxidized and is a substandard product.

Third, look at the appearance of the power cord

Qualified products have a flexible (sheath) layer that is flexible, ductile, and stretchable. The surface layer is dense, smooth, and has no roughness, and has a pure gloss. The surface of the insulation (sheath) layer should have a clear and rub-resistant sign. Products made of non-formal insulation materials will have a transparent feel, brittleness, and no toughness.

Fourth, look at the core of the power cord

The core made of pure copper raw materials and subjected to stringent drawing, annealing and stranding should be bright, smooth, free of burrs, flat and tightly stranded, soft and tough, and not easily broken.

Fifth, look at the length of the power cord

Different electrical appliances require different lengths of power cords. It is better for the decoration owners to find out what the length of the qualified power cords is before they purchase them, so that they can be quite aware when purchasing electrical appliances.

In order to ensure the normal use of home appliances and living security, decoration owners in the purchase of home appliances, we must pay attention to the choice of power cord, carefully check its quality, if the power cord quality is not qualified, it is best not to buy this appliance, so as not to give Give yourself trouble.

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