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What are the types of USB cable interface?

For ordinary users, the data rate is determined by the hard disk and the OS, and there is no difference in satisfying the normal operation. No money, of course, the higher the AWG, the better. If it means the relationship between the two:

The common classification of the aggregating line: USB interface type, HDMI interface type, VGA interface type, DVI interface type.

(1) Data cable: Use a USB cable and a mobile phone terminal cable, which is usually connected to the computer, to download or upload files, ring tones, pictures, etc. The mobile phone has a driver disk. Drivers need to be installed first.

(2) Infrared: Refers to the requirement that both mobile phones have infrared function at the same time, and can align the infrared interface to transmit files.

(3) Bluetooth: Bluetooth is the meaning of short-distance wireless transmission. It can be used with a computer or a mobile phone with a Bluetooth device to stop the search and transmission within a short interval, and it can also use a Bluetooth headset for wireless communication.

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