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Phone Connector Industry Characteristic Analysis

Along with the arrival of the mobile phone connector market, the domestic mobile phone connector market in 2011 has taken on new features. The development of the mobile phone connector industry has become more intense, and the competition among connector manufacturers has gradually evolved into the competition of connector agents.

In 2011, the mobile phone connector market gradually expanded, and the competition of connector agents gradually became the mainstream of the connector market competition. At present, the connector manufacturers in the Mainland mainly include molex connector distributors, AMP connector distributors, Amphenol connector distributors, and so on.

According to an investigation by authoritative experts, at present, in the era of the connector industry, rapid development of network marketing, e-commerce has become a major trend in the development of the connector industry, but the connector online transactions have further developed.

The development of the connector industry is now further into the Internet era. However, the network is a complex “big bazaar”. The practitioners engaged in connector procurement on the Internet will all have a common professional feature—“irritated”. This is due to The inevitable result of the popularization of the network is that, in the future, the connector agents can truly grasp the network connector customers, and they will be able to compete for an opportunity in the era of connector network.

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