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Dongguan Gongying Electronics Co., Ltd. integrates product design, R&D, production and processing. Specializing in the production of various customized wire harnesses, vehicle lines, data lines, terminal lines and other types of connecting lines. The company has sufficient orders, and its products are sold in various countries around the world. The following personnel are recruited for business expansion:

I. Quality supervisor: 1

Job responsibilities:

1. Mainly responsible for the tracking and handling of quality accidents, quality prevention measures, customer complaints, and the monthly quality statistics report of measuring tool management and calibration

2. Weekly post quality report, monthly process quality defect report, customer complaint response report, and internal calibration report of measuring tools

3. Regularly report the quality inspection results of relevant departments, formulate corrective and preventive measures for the existing quality problems and organize the implementation

4. Department quality statistics, timely submit all kinds of statistical statements, be responsible for the timeliness and authenticity of statistical data, and provide accurate and reliable quality information for leaders and relevant departments

5. Be able to effectively operate ISO and IATF16949 systems

6. Actively complete other tasks assigned by leaders and meetings

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, regardless of major, male or female. Familiar with ERP and MES system

2. At least 2 years of experience in quality and quality inspection

3. Have good communication and coordination ability, and have excellent professionalism and teamwork spirit

II. Purchaser: 1

Job responsibilities:

1. Develop suppliers, manage supplier systems and expand supplier relationships

2. Be responsible for the whole process of product development of the connecting line project

3. Cooperate with and complete the R&D project requirements of the development and engineering departments

4. Look for opportunities in combination with actual demand and market changes to achieve the goal of price reduction

5. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders

Job requirements:

1. Understand connectors, connecting wires, hardware, plastic and other products and raw materials

2. Be familiar with supplier development process and negotiation, have strong negotiation ability, communication ability, clear thinking on problem analysis, and can withstand certain working pressure

3. Be familiar with ERP management system operation and office software

4. At least 2 years of purchasing experience, and at least 1 year of purchasing experience in wire mill industry

5. Experience in development and procurement of hardware, plastic and mold related industries is preferred

6. Have a strong sense of responsibility and good personal professional ethics

7. College degree or above, male or female

III. Warehouse keeper: 1

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the daily receipt and delivery of the warehouse according to the warehouse workflow and standards

2. Be familiar with the ERP system, update the system data timely and accurately according to the company's needs, and arrange accurate ingredients

3. According to the regulations, the inventory shall be checked every month, and the documents shall be sorted and filed to ensure the accuracy of the inventory

4. Ensure that the warehouse equipment is in good condition

5. Be responsible for the daily maintenance of products in the warehouse

6. Strictly implement 6S management, be responsible for sorting out the storage capacity and appearance, and do a good job of cleaning and sorting out the warehouse every day

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior

Job requirements:

1. Both male and female, under 35 years old, with high school education or above, regardless of major

2. Have experience in the warehouse management of wire rod factory, be familiar with the inbound and outbound management process of goods in the warehouse, and the computer billing and entry bookkeeping of product inbound and outbound

3. Be familiar with warehousing, sales and inventory accounting, statistics and other operations, and be proficient in computer document processing and ERP system operation

4. Honest and diligent, conscientious, responsible, careful and organized, and able to adapt to daily overtime requirements

4. Process Engineer: 1

Job responsibilities:

1. Participate in the negotiation and signing of the technical agreement

2. Make SOP documents, process control and drawing control in the production process

3. Technical guidance and training of the Production Department

Job requirements:

1. More than two years of working experience in the technical position of wire rod factory, familiar with the debugging of injection mold and molding machine

2. Skillfully operate CAD and OFFICEl office software, and be familiar with ERP and MES systems

3. Aged 18-35, college degree or above

5. Office Clerk: 1

Aged 18-35, familiar with office software, ERP and administrative work

6. Business representative: several

VII. General workers: several,

1. Age 18-35, male or female. The comprehensive time/piece work wage is 4000-8000 yuan

2. The factory provides food and shelter, 24-hour hot water, and the dormitory and factory are equipped with air conditioners

Tel.: Mr. Hu 13631512871

Miss Xiong 13650195881 (same as WeChat)

  • E-mail:13631512871@163.com/Jerry Huadi@asia-wt.com/Adi Wu

  • Add:Room 306, Building 2, No. 122 Qiaojiao Middle Road, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China



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